Turtle Creek 3000 gallon tanker fouts bros – dept pic

3000 Gallon Tanker – Benton, AR

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    March 12, 2021

  • Department

    Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department

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    3000 Gallon Tanker

  • Description

    Kenworth T-370 Kussmaul 1200 Pump Plus 12V power point and Kussmaul Dual USB charger in console Darley PSP 1500 GPM (changed from Darley PSM) Pump and Roll Trident Auto Prime RH rear body 2 ½” discharge Speedlays two 1 ½” then 2 ½” above Dunnage area with 3” Monitor flange Booster reel in rear between frame rails with TFT nozzle and jumbo loc 3 large water level gauges Traffic advisor Rear camera 10” electric swivel dump valve 4” firemans Friend with 4” storz elbow direct fill on drivers side rear 2 ½” direct tank fill passenger side 4 lower compartments with roll up doors Painted sides 4 scba bottle holders M series lighting 4 M6 lights in front grill Freedom lightbar with brow light 2 100 wat speakers Q-2 in bumper 6” low level strainer Wheel chocks Hydrant spanner set

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    Benton County, Arkansas, United States
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