Pump & Roll Fouts FOUR

The first of its kind in the industry, designed specifically to be the best First Out Utility Rescue on the market. The 2023 Pump & Roll Fouts FOUR features a lightweight aluminum body that allows you to carry multiple rescue tools and more equipment. This feature-packed response vehicle can help your team respond to the wide variety of emergency calls required by today’s fire, rescue, and EMS professionals.


The PNR Fouts FOUR, with its multipurpose call capacity, can operate in a wide range of conditions, from high density tight traffic areas to rural brush fires.


We’ve packed a ton of value into this apparatus and made it affordable, even for departments with tight budgets and limited resources. You’ll use the PNR Fouts FOUR across a wide range of first responder services, including EMS calls, traffic emergencies, fire, and rescue.


The PNR Fouts FOUR can help you control maintenance costs. Dispatch this multipurpose unit on calls that don’t require your big rigs, reducing maintenance and wear-and-tear on larger apparatus. This truck can also operate with a smaller crew and still perform multiple tasks.

Trucks shown may include optional features.

Detailed Specs

• Ford F-550 Crew Cab 4×4
• Darley PSM 1500 GPM pump
• Pump and Roll
• FoamPro 1601 foam system
• Darley 1-½ AGE 24K diesel auxiliary pump
• Akron 3462 Forestry Monitor
• Booster reel w/ 50 ft. of 1” hose
• 9 ft. aluminum body
• 300/15 gallon tank

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