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3000 Gallon Tanker – Pearson, GA

Delivery Details

  • Delivery Date

    May 10, 2021

  • Department

    Atkinson County EMA/Fire

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  • Truck Type

    3000 Gallon Tanker

  • Description

    KW T-370 Extended front bumper w/ hosewell 21” Kussmaul pump plus (charger and compressor) w/ auto eject Darley PSP 1500 w/ Pump N Roll Right side top hose bed 2 ½” preconnect discharge Two 1 ¾” Preconnects in front bumper hosewell. Divider in between Two 1 ¾” crosslays in rear bumper Deck Gun Elkhart Vulcan stacked tips, stream shaper Booster reel in Dunnage Area w/ nozzle holder Three (3) Whelen PS Tank level gauges Air horn button on pump panel 3000 Gallon Tank Rear camera notch and Traffic advisor notch One (1) adj hosebed divider Electric swivel dump valve Four(4) Lower hinged door compartments L2 and R2 compartments to have two (2) SCBA brackets installed in each Four (4) Spare SCBA bottle storage compartments (two (2) each side) A utility tray installed forward of fold a tank storage on right side Traffic advisor LED upper scenes on tank Two Akron Scenestar pole lights Rear camera system Federal Q2B Siren 3000 Gallon Aluminum Fold a tank Two (2) 6” hard suction hoses Four Pike Poles mounted (2) 4’ and Two (2) 8’ Three Ladders mounted 14’, 24’ and 10’ fold ladder Two (2) Hydrant /spanner sets mounted

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  • Address
    33, West Austin Avenue, Pearson, Atkinson County, Georgia, 31642, United States
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