2024 Fouts Four

Redesigned in 2024, available now for immediate delivery, the Fouts FOUR (it stands for "First Out Utility Rescue") is ready for delivery nationwide.

The FOUR is built to be your first-out foot soldier, getting your fast-response team to the scene quicker than anything else can. An F-550 equipped with a side-mount Hale DSD 1500 GPM pump and enough water to control the situation before your heavy artillery can reach the scene, the Fouts FOUR is an apparatus nimble enough to get to any call fast--whether it's well off the beaten path or through rush hour city traffic. Deploying a Fouts FOUR as your first call response unit will save you tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs on your flagship pumpers, freeing them up from unnecessary wear and tear.

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  • Ford F-550 Crew Cab 4x4
  • 6.7L diesel engine
  • Grille guard
  • Two SCBA rear seats
  • 12,000 lb winch
  • Hale DSD 1500 GPM pump
  • Two 1-3/4" preconnects
  • Hale SmartFOAM 2.1A foam system
  • 300/15 gallon tank
  • 9 foot aluminum body
  • AMDOR roll-up doors
  • Whelen LED NFPA lighting & siren package